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Ushio UXL-75XE 75W Short Arc Xenon Lamp

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Wattage: 75 | Voltage: 12.5 | Current: 5.4 Amps | Average Life Hours: 400

UXL-75XE (5000371)
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Ushio UXL-75XE 75W Short Arc Xenon Lamp

Ushio Inc. started out in 1964 as a manufacturer of industrial light sources and has since evolved into a "creator of light" that offers light source units, devices, systems and light solutions. These products have been developed around core technologies for new light sources and optical systems that eventually have expanded to encompass unique application technologies. Ushio's light technology is not only applied in the area of "illumination" but also is proving useful in various industrial segments around the world as well as opening up new realms of use and application as "energy."

USHIO xenon short arc lamps are high-intensity point light sources. An important feature of this lamp type is its close resemblance to daylight in terms of spectral distribution. Therefore they are often used in analyzers on inspection tools as well as for solar simulation. Due to the bright white light, commercial cinema projectors including digital ones use xenon short arc discharge lamps in general. Besides they are used for special effect lighting such as for sky-trackers. USHIO's UXL series are available in a power range from 65W to 10,000W. USHIO UXL75XE short-arc xenon gas discharge lamps feature a continuous wavelength spectrum that closely approximates daylight color temperatures and have strong color rendering characteristics. UXL series lamps are used for a variety of scientific, analytical and medical illumination purposes including spectrophotometry, solar simulation, microscopy, hand held searchlights and surgical lighting.

Ushio UXL-75XE Specifications:
Mfg. Ordering Code: 5000371
Wattage: 75 Watts
Rated Amps: 5.4 Amps
Voltage: 12.5 Volts
Length: 88mm
Diameter: 13mm
Arc Gap: 0.8mm
Lumens: 1,000(lm)
Average Life Hours: 400 Hours

Other Known Codes: Leitz 500-139, Mono-Chrometer, Nikon 78682, Olympus 8B198, Short Arc Xenon Burner, Zeiss 38-16-02, Zeiss 3800-79-9190, Zeiss 91-01-42, Zeiss 910881-2013, Nikon 78682, UXL-75XE, UXL/75XE, USH UXL75XE

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