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Osram Sylvania HBO50W/AC L2 50W Short Arc Mercury Lamp

Quick Specifications:

Wattage: 50 | Average Life Hours: 100

HBO50W/AC L2 (69214)
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Osram Sylvania HBO50W/AC L2 50W Short Arc Mercury Lamp

OSRAM Display/Optic division is located in Danvers, Mass. Under the OSRAM brand name, the division produces innovative products to fulfill the needs of very diverse markets including entertainment, cinema film projection, information display, medical/scientific, semiconductor fabrication and airfield/aircraft. Over 500 different Display/Optic halogen and discharge lamp types are produced in the United States, Mexico, Germany and Japan.

OSRAM HBO mercury short arc lamps are widely used in the medical and scientific fields for fluorescent microscopy and industrial UV-curing. In an OSRAM HBO lamp, a luminous arc is generated in a high pressure atmosphere of mercury vapor. Because the arc is only a few millimeters in length, HBO lamps are an almost perfect point source of light. These lamps offer high radiant power in both the UV and visible range, high optical quality and long life. Reflectorized lamps have been specifically designed to provide exceptional efficiency in light guide applications.

Osram HBO50W/AC L2 Specifications:
Mfg. Ordering Code: 69214
Wattage: 50 Watts
Base Type: SFa6.2
Length: 53mm
Diameter: 8.5mm
Average Life Hours: 100 Hours

Primary Applications: Microscope, Scientific, Medical and Dental

Other Known Codes: Mercury Short Arc, Microscope Illuminator, Olympus 8B193, Olympus 8B-193, Bausch and Lomb 31-31-65, Zeiss 38-16-19, Zeiss 3800-16-19, American Optical 9-00-09-14, Leica 500-137, AO 2055, Leica 3040-0090, B&L 313165, Nikon Apohot Microscope Bulb, Nikon Fluophot Microscope Bulb

Associated Order Codes: Osram/Sylvania 69214, Osram HBO50 W/L2, Osram HBO-50W/L2, HBO50W

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