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Ushio USH350DS 350W Short Arc Mercury Lamp

Quick Specifications:

Wattage: 350 | Voltage: 60 | Current: 5.8 Amps | Average Life Hours: 1,000

USH350DS (5000508)
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Ushio USH350DS 350W Short Arc Mercury Lamp

USHIO was established in 1964, when the use of light was just beginning to gain industrial significance, with the aim of developing illumination and energy related applications for light. Through out its history, USHIO has focused on developing new lighting technologies in cooperation with our customers. Film & Cinema Lighting, Video Lighting, Concert & Stage Lighting, Theatrical Lighting, Club and Disco Lighting, and Special Effects Lighting.

USHIO's USH and UXM short-arc mercury and mercury-xenon lamps are characterized by their tightly confined plasma discharge, high luminance, and ultra-stable arc, spectral outputs in the ultraviolet and visible light regions, DC- and AC-operated versions up to 1,000 watts. USHIO lamps are used in all microscopy units, diagnostic, industrial analytical equipment, including spectrofluorometers, blood analyzers, optical comparators, and UV curing applications. The latest line of USH(SMR) lamps feature precision-aligned mercury burners and specialized reflector designs for ultimate reflectivity and light channeling control in fiber-optic applications. Continuous upgrades in electrode material technology and investments in cutting-edge manufacturing processes enables USHIO to further improve light versus life degradation characteristics.

Ushio USH-350DS Specifications:
Mfg. Ordering Code: 5000508
Wattage: 350 Watts
Voltage: 60 Volts
Current: 5.8 Amps
Burning Position: Vertical +/- 45 Degrees
Cold Arc Gap: 2.8mm
Total Luminous Flux: 18,000(lm)
Average Life Hours: 1,000 Hours

Equipment Reference: Karl Suss MJB, Ma4, 6, 25, 150M

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