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About Us

SOS and Lamp Technology
Specialty Optical Systems, Inc. (SOS) located in Dallas, TX has acquired Lamp Technology August 2013.  This strategic acquisition will combine two large specialty lamp distributors into one company.  SOS and Lamp Tech were both started with similar visions and that was to be the best source for specialty lamps.  This combination will benefit both SOS and Lamp Tech customers as we take the best of two companies and competitively offer additional services and supplies to a very wide customer base of end-users and wholesale distributors.  To learn more about SOS please go to www.SOSsupply.com

Lamp Technology History
Founded in 1979, Lamp Technology has grown into a global supplier of specialty light bulbs. We provide the brightest lighting solutions for a myriad of applications ranging from microscopy and medical illuminators, to general lighting and the most obscure lighting applications imaginable.  We have over 10,000 varieties from more than 200 manufacturers, including our own Lamp Tech line. Our complete line includes all types of filaments and arc lamps, and we are a major supplier of based light emitting diodes (LED's), which are often inexpensive and superior replacements for conventional light bulb types.

Focused on Service
Our 10,000 foot Dallas, Texas facility is equipped with the latest computer, inventory control, order processing, and communications systems, enabling our knowledgeable staff to simplify and expedite the time consuming task of matching the proper light bulbs to your specific applications. Our knowledge of bulbs and applications enable us to assist you with even the most difficult of bulb identifications.

Easy Ordering
We simplify ordering by fax, phone and online to serve you.

Fast Delivery and Full Warranties
Virtually all your orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt. A full warranty backs up all our merchandise, so you can order with complete confidence.

Experience and Vision at the helm

Lamp Tech has maintained our strategic focus as a user friendly organization that places a premium on keeping customers updated with the latest facts and information.

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