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F4T5BLB 4W 6" Fluorescent Black Light Blue

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Shape: T5 (5/8" Diameter) | Length: 6 Inches | Color: Black Light Blue

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F4T5BLB 4 Watt T5 Black Light Blue Fluorescent Tube

Fluorescent black lights are typically made in the same fashion as normal fluorescent lights except that only one phosphor is used and the normally clear glass envelope of the bulb may be replaced by a deep-bluish-purple glass called Wood's glass, a nickel-oxide-doped glass, which blocks almost all visible light above 400 nanometers. The color of such lamps is often referred to in the trade as "black light blue" or "BLB."

Wattage: 4 Watts
UV Output: 0.5 Watts
Voltage: 29 Volts
Base: Miniature Bi-Pin G5 Base
Length: 134.5mm
Diameter: 15.5mm
Average Life Hours: 3,000 Hours

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